Partial Client List
Adventure Cyclist Magazine
Allstar Weekend
Ambient Inks
Anthem Board Shop & Skate Park
Arms Aloft
Bride & Groom
Car Seat Headrest
Charlie Parr
City of La Crosse, WI
Dino Club
Drive Thru Records
Field Report
Five Alarm Fire
Greyson Chance
Guerilla Poubelle
Heavy Heart
Idle Hands Coffee
Jenny Lewis
Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
John Prine
Kickapoo Coffee
La Crosse Parks Department
the Mountain Goats
Nana Grizol
Nothing But Thieves
Other People Records
Paradise Fears
Peter M
Philadelphia Printworks
Pilsen Community Books
Pontcha Surf Club
Prairie La Crosse
Sony RCA
Stick To Your Guns
Teenage Halloween
The Devil & His Brandy
The Mint
The Root Note
The Speed Of Sound In Seawater
The Wrecks
Tiny Voices (Angers, France)
Universal Music
Shown / Showing
Pulp / Pushing The Envelope | Pelham, MA | 2020
Galerie F / Restless III | Chicago, IL | 2020
TKK Memorial Show - Tattooed Mom | Philladelphia, PA | August 2019
Thompson Giroux Gallery - “Scout / A More Perfect Union” | Chatham, NY | Aug / Sep 2019
Art Heads | Rochester, MN | June 2019
Another World Is Possible | Cherry House | Eau Claire, WI | February 2019
Things 4 Dreams Gallery | La Crosse, WI | June 2018
Volume One Gallery | Eau Claire, WI | 2017
Galerie F / YAB Group Show | Chicago, IL | 2017
Eaux Claires | Eau Claire, WI | 2017
The Oxbow Hotel | Eau Claire, WI | 2017
The Root Note | La Crosse, WI | 2015-18
Birds | 5th & Main | La Crosse, WI | September 2022
Anthem Skate Shop | Winona, MN | October 2020
Red Skeletons | Leuth Park | La Crosse, WI | September 2019
Helping Hands | 3rd & State | La Crosse, WI | June 2018
4 ½ to 5th St Alley Mural | La Crosse, WI | 2017
Milstein, Cindy. Try Anarchism For Life. Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, 2022 (cover art as well as pg. 104)
Society6 Art Quarterly Fall. flipside full moon. 2019
Society6 Art Quarterly No.41. Flipside x Tattly.  2019
Eaux Claires Troix. Festival Catalog. We Were Seeds installation. 2017
Society6. No.26 A to Z typography zine. contributing artist. letter C. 2016
Society6. Art Quarterly. No.1.1, 2016
Nathan Spoor, Landon Sheely on art and getting psyched when no one cares, Society6, April, 2017

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